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Operational Excellence - Implementation and Training

We support our clients by implementing with them the principles of lean manufacturing, by defining with them their operational excellence systems and by training them on the key tools they need to reinforce continuous improvement :

  • Implementation - diagnostic, analysis and management of projects and changes - Maintenance Excellence, Production System, Performance Management System, ...
  • Training - course, mentoring and on the job coaching - 5S, GEMBA, TPM, KAISEN, ...

Implementation in Operational Excellence

For more than 20 years IndustryOperation has implemented the principles, systems and tools of Lean Manufacturing in many industries. Here are some examples:

  • Maintenance Excellence Organisation and Processes
  • Just In Time flow implementation (JIT)
  • Flow simplification towards zero stock
  • Changing time reduction (SMED) towards zero stop
  • TPM ( 5S, autonomous maintenance, preventive vs. curative, maintenance plan) towards zero failure
  • Total Quality (capacity machine, SPC, Problem Solving Session) towards zero defect
  • Supplier partnership (delay, quality, safety) towards zero issue
  • Lean Transformation - Processes, Organisation, Culture, Performance Management - Operational System (elimination of waste, pull system, optimisation of added values in the processes, standard ways of working, work levelling, process validation), Cultural System (Safety, voice of customer, GEMBA, stop to solve issues, people development) and Management System (active listening, visual management, Tier and KPI cascades, problem solving methodology)

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Training in Operational Excellence

IndustryOperation has developed standard and very practical training courses in Operational Excellence. You will find here a non-exhaustive catalog.

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Solution for lean visual management

IndustryOperation proposes you the full product range of Sesa-Systems in Wallonie and in Brussels


IndustryOperation, an innovative Belgian actor in the field of Lean and Operational Excellence, is very pleased to announce that it now also proposes a full range of very practical tools and accessories for the implementation of Lean Manufacturing for Wallonia and Brussels (

IndustryOperation provides consulting, solutions and engineering in industry 4.0. It serves business leaders, production, maintenance and engineering managers to create with them the industry of the future through the techniques of Lean & Digital Manufacturing. It helps customers automate their production lines and streamline work to improve performance and flexibility.

SESA-Systems is a well established player in Europe where it has already installed several hundred standard systems for the implementation of Lean Visual Management. Thanks to innovative solutions, it makes the impelemntation of Lean Tools very practical and user-friendly for any operators or employees.

With this new product range, IndustryOperation is completing its range of solutions to lean industrial companies in Wallonia and Brussels.


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